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AISA DigitalWeb Portal Localisation

Web Portal Localisation

A web portal or a large-scale website has a massive amount of content of which-only translation can prove to be expensive, slow and tedious. If your visitors hail from multiple countries and speak different languages, you would need to display your content in the correct language to continue to be relevant and appealing to them.

With web portal localisation, it is more than just hitting the language selector. Adapting your content to the needs of foreign markets is vital if you want to amplify your reach. Combined with marketing tactics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Generation, you will be able to maximise the potential of your website, reach new audiences, and publish your content more effectively to overseas markets.

With customised API for WordPress and Drupal, AISA allows your website stays connected for hassle-free localisation like never before.

6 Month Package
6 Month Package
LanguagesEnglish to ASEAN Languages
(Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese)
English to ASIA Languages
(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese)
Package Volume20,000-Word Credit40,000-Word Credit
Keyword Research & Development10 Keywords / Languages
(For 2 Language)
10 Keywords / Language
(For 4 Languages)
Translation RevisionUnlimited Revision
(Within 2 weeks upon 1st delivery of translated work)
Unlimited Revision
(Within 2 weeks upon 1st delivery of translated work)
Optional Add-on
On-Site SEO Optimisation
2 Languages
(Up to 20 Pages / Language)
4 Languages
(Up to 20 Pages / Language)
Optional Add-on
Content Generation
incl. Featured Image for Blog
English + 2 Other Language
36 Blog Articles
English + 4 Other Languages
60 Blog Articles

Customised package available.


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