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AISA DigitalE-Commerce Localisation


One of the biggest challenges e-commerce businesses face when scaling their reach to regional or international markets is language. In countries where consumers speak a language from the source language of your e-commerce store or marketplace, converting them can be a huge challenge. This is where e-commerce localisation comes in to make launching your brand and selling your product overseas easy and effective.

To put it simply, e-commerce localisation is the art and science of translating your product descriptions into the language of your new target market while minimising local sensitivities and preserving cultural accuracy. It is paramount to the success of your e-commerce business.

Content Per SKU< 50 Words51 - 200 Words201 - 400 Words
Minimum Volume
(SKU / Language)
> 1,000> 5,000> 5,000
Language PairsEnglish > Indonesia / Malay / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Thai / Vietnamese

English < Indonesia / Malay / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Thai / Vietnamese
Content CategoriesFashion, Home & Lifestyle, Mobile & Electronics, Home Electronics, Hobbies, Sports, Games

Establish Integration

  • Set up localisation tasks and integration process.
  • Configure project structure. Test export/import files and interface format on AISA platform.

Experience Proof-Of-Concept

  • Embark on Proof-Of-Concept and review localisation performance results.
  • Review and obtain approval to proceed with localisation production.

Execute Localisation

  • Commit online localisation resources and post-editing team.
  • Execute localisation processes.
  • Update online project status from performance tracking and provide support.

Evaluate Outcome(s)

  • Monitor project deliverables and evaluate the fulfillment of scope.
  • Get feedback upon project closure.


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